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You may register domain names up to 63 characters in length, plus the dot and extension (ex. 1-63 characters + the .com), making a total limit of 67 characters in all. Only alpha-numeric characters (0-9 and a-z) and dashes ( – ) are allowed.

Registrar Transfers

You can save money and gain more control of your domain name by transferring it from its current registrar to ours. When the registrar of your domain name is transferred, you can renew your domain name with us for just $20 per year.

What is a Registrar?

A Registrar is an organization or company that is accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to provide registration services. We provide registration services in partnership with Internet Names WorldWide, a division of Melbourne IT Ltd.

How much does it cost to transfer the registrar of domain names?

The registrar transfer costs nothing, however we do require the first year's registration fee with the order. For example, a domain name transferred to us and registered for a 1 year term costs $20 USD.

My domain name registration does not expire for a long time. If I transfer, will I lose the registered time I have already paid for?

You will not lose money paid to another registrar if you transfer your domain before its expiration date. Any remaining period of time on a domain name registration is transferred to the new registrar. For instance, if you have 8 months before your domain name registration with the current registrar expires, and then you transfer the domain to Internet Names WorldWide (INWW) and renew the domain registration for one year, you would then have 1 year and 8 months until your next renewal. Registrars do not issue credits, but the time period that domains are registered for DOES transfer with the domain name from one registrar to another.

If we are not your registrar:

You will need to submit a Domain Name Modification Request to the appropriate domain name registrar. Modify the domain name registration information with the registrar by sending them a modification request. You must modify the Primary and Secondary Name Server information so that the domain is resolved by our Primary and Secondary Name Servers.

Our Nameserver Information:

Nameserver 1 hostname: NS1.SECURE.NET
Nameserver 1 IP address:
Nameserver 2 hostname: NS2.SECURE.NET
Nameserver 2 IP address: