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The purpose of this document is to solicit your input for your Internet vision and strategy. This is intended as a high level overview of the possibilities. If you don't have all of the information readily available, that's okay. We'll get to the details later. The more information you provide, the more we can assess your primary needs.

Basic Framework

A good Web site is one that enables and enhances community. Community is about establishing and supporting relationships. Community is further defined by the benefits one receives by choosing to affiliate. Your Web site can enable your organization's constituents to communicate, create, collaborate, and consume (the four C's of community). These benefits are delivered not through one large community, but through multiple communities, all readily accessible to one another.

Audience: Who will use this site?

Keep in mind that we can provide for multiple points of entry into your online community. Different constituents will have a different experience, depending upon who they are and what their relationship is with the organization. An investor, for example, should not have to wade through pages intended for entrepreneurs and students in order to find the information they want. We accomplish through profiling technology that serves up only the information a particular user is interested in retrieving.

In your view, which constituents need to be served first via the Web?

Please place a number next to each type of constituent that applies, with 1 being most important.

Prospective Customers Existing Customers
Investors/Shareholders Partners
Suppliers/Vendors Consultants/Other Professionals
Students Press/Analysts
  Other (type in)
(Your comments)

Benefits: Why are we building this site?

The Internet has been touted as a panacea for almost every facet of enterprise. It has ramifications for administration/operations, product development, product support, sales and marketing, manufacturing/distribution, human resource, information sharing, research, interest matching and so on. There are readily available solutions being marketed for each of these disciplines.

In your view, what are the most important benefits your site needs to receive/provide from it's Internet presence?

Please place a number next to each outcome that applies, with 1 being most important.

Learn about our products   Trial/Demo our products
Sell our products/services   Allow users to communicate one another
Facilitate relationships with partners   Hold conferences/seminars
Support users online (chat, forums)   Facilitate press relations/education
Implement knowledge base   Provide homepages, classifieds
Provide market/product research      
Other (type in)

Features & Services: What will be offered on this site?

The features and services that can be offered on your site are quite expansive. These can be phased in over time. Some of them are driven by technologies that are evolving very quickly and for which no standards yet exist. All of these features can be classified under one of the four C's of community: communicate, create, collaborate, and consume.

In your view, what are the most important features that need to be available on your site?

Please place a number next to each feature that applies, with 1 being most important.

Case Studies and White Papers
Downloadable Software/Tools
Press Room
Electronic Newsletter
Industry/Market/Competitive News & Research
Web Search & Navigation Tools/Services
Online Discussions via Chat, Threaded Message Forums
Live Video Conferencing Between Investors/Customers/Consultants
Online Training, Distance Learning
Relevant Sites/Links, Co-Branded Pages
Directory Services (finding people/companies)
HomePages for Investors/Customers/Business Partners
Advertising, Homepages, Classifieds
Other (type in)

Time Frame for Deployment: When should this site go live?

Comments: (at a minimum, what would you like to see enabled by this date?)

Preliminary Budget Projections:

(These are just general parameters. Note that budgets can, in many cases, be phased over the duration of the project to meet your immediate needs and resource allocations.)

How will you measure success?

no. of unique visits, page hits?
no. of fee-based registrations?
no. of sales, increase in margins?
no. of trial downloads?
no. of requests for info.?

What kind of return on investment do we expect?

revenue    goodwill    image

What kind of visual presence or tone should your site convey?

Describe your company's culture or personality: (e.g. smart, fun, serious, mature)

What should the graphics and design work say to the user? Describe the message you want to portray visually:

Describe the artistic style you feel best fits the strategy and goals: (e.g. conservative, retro, photographic, illustrated, abstract, monochromatic)

What key messages, in order of priority, do you want visitors to remember when they leave the site?

Are there color guidelines or a style guide?

Precedents: What's been done already?

What TV or media ads target a similar audience? Graphically speaking, please list graphic examples from sources such as books, advertisements, TV or magazines that will appeal to your target audience:

What Web sites already exist that you feel would appeal to your target audience?

What competitors' sites exist?

What materials/information can you provide?

(click items that apply)

Logo   Artwork, Graphic Samples
Existing Company Website   Description of Products, Services, Company
Request for Proposal   Database Sample
Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)   Full Specification
Requirements Listing   Project Executive Summary

Who are you?

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