Web Design & Development

We can handle every step of your web site design and development project. We can build your site from the ground up, or makeover and enhance your existing site. Beginning with a thorough understanding of your objectives, we will map out your site from initial deployment to a fully featured realization of your Internet vision. We work with you to gather your content and then highlight your message with best in graphic design, wielding the latest in web publishing and applications tools. Eclypse Design will deliver a cost effective, highly impactful site which will delight you and your target audience.

The Development Process

The development process begins with an evaluation of your situation and the purpose for your web site. Basic information is gathered about you and your existing resources, about the project and it's size, time frame etc. Please submit our Web Development Survey to help us gather important information about your project.

Architecture and Design

An overall outline of the scope, structure and flow of the site's content is created and the basic design features are developed.

The Graphical Interface

The "look and feel" of your site may seem somewhat superficial, but is nonetheless one of its most important aspects. It helps determine the sort of first impression of your company or organization that your visitors will take away with them. It must enhance and compliment the content. It must be easily navigated. Images must be properly scanned, formatted and sized. Existing artwork and logo designs need to be adapted for web usage. New artwork must be created for backgrounds, image maps and navigational elements.


This is the beta testing phase. Any remaining technical or compatibility issues are resolved and prototypes are worked up and tested. Once approved the site is uploaded to your server and your site is launched!

How much will it cost?

It depends. A good way to determine your Web design expense is to analyze your existing marketing budget and determine how much of it should be targeted for your Web identity. Web site design costs often vary according to the designer's choice of software and programs which will be used on the site, so it's important to establish your budget constraints. This will dictate which tools are used to build the site. In any case, and whatever tools are used, we will create a professional and good looking web site that you can be very proud of.